Putting Your Interests First.

Customized Investment Management 

Our core focus, managing your capital is a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously. 

Tailored Asset Allocation & Risk Management

We go above and beyond with our complete analysis to help you determine the proper mix of equities and fixed income. 

Financial Planning and Retirement Income Strategies

From goals based planning to retirement. We can help you plan for the future and reduce uncertainty. 

 Coordinate With Your Tax & Legal Advisors

Whether you already have them or need them. We can coordinate our services with your CPA or Estate Attorney. 

Our Promise

Your comfort level with any investment strategy is paramount. We strive to educate new clients on our investment process, provide trading recommendations prior to implementation, and work together to build both short-term and long-term goals for your portfolio. If you don't like us, our contract is cancellable at anytime. 

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Three Step Process

Phase 1: Establish Goals & Gather Data

Phase 2: Analyze Data & Develop a Plan

Phase 3: Implement & Monitor Your Plan

  • Introduction & discovery
  • Determine comfort level with risk
  • Uncover and clarify immediate and long-term goals
  • Collect relevent statements and documents
  • Identify potential gaps and risks
  • Determine probability of success
  • Discuss strategies to improve odds of success
  • Develop and review financial plan & investment recommendations
  • Implement trading recommendations
  • Work towards achieving long-term investment goals
  • Conduct periodic portfolio reviews
  • Update and Revisit finacial plan as needed

Investment Selection

We select investments that are by nature transparent, including individual stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). And we provide timely, informative and easy-to-read reports to apprise our clients of their holdings and performance.  

As your investment manager, we look for companies with strong competitive positions, transparent accounting policies and management that places shareholders’ interests first. For individual stocks, our investment criteria may include:

  • The company’s competitive advantage and if this advantage is sustainable long-term;
  • Favorable (or unfavorable) demographic and international trends for this company;
  • Past actions taken by management deemed favorable to shareholders;
  • Current policies favorable to shareholders;
  • The company’s growth prospects over the next five to ten years;
  • Any unique risk factors to this company and/or its industry
  • Any impact higher interest rates and inflation would have on this company; and
  • The firm’s current market price compared to its fair-value estimate.

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